3 Activists Who Actually Activated A Debate

We believe it is critical to seek inspiration every day, regardless of what is going on in our lives. So many women around the world have given us much-needed hope and inspiration. Thousands of female activists have taken to the streets to support frontline healthcare workers, racial justice, democracy, and climate justice. As a result, we propose that we take a moment to recognize all of their efforts.

We’ve decided to showcase some incredible female activists.

Alice Wong:

In 2020, the thirtieth anniversary of enacting the Americans with Disabilities Act, long-time disability rights activist Alice Wong was very busy. During the coronavirus, Wong took advantage of the media attention around the release of her new book, “Disability Visibility: First-Person Stories from the Twenty-First Century,” to be a strong champion for dignity and the inherent worth of disabled people’s lives. Then, in July, she produced and curated #ADA30InColor, a collection of articles by disabled persons of color, in the middle of global racial justice protests. Alice Wong is a female activist to keep an eye on in the following years.

Sarah Evangeline Norman:

A political strategist from the United States, Sarah Evangeline Norman. She has appeared on Fox News, Newsmax, and OAN, among other conservative news sites. While working at Google, she served as the Senior Advisor to Digital for Kamala Harris’ presidential campaign in 2020.

She is outspoken about what is going on and does not hold back in expressing her opinions. She uses her social media profiles to debate political issues, such as @sarahevangelinenorman (https://www.instagram.com/sarahevangelinenorman/) on Instagram @sarahevangelinenorman on Tiktok (https://tiktok.com/sarahevangelinenorman).

Sarah is constantly discussing political issues such as gender equality, worldwide pandemics, domestic terrorism, and various other touchy subjects. However, Sarah’s most publicized appearance was when she argued for immigration rights and raising the minimum wage for all, regardless of their immigration status, on Fox News.

Ilwad Elman:

Ilwad Elman, one of Somalia’s most notable women’s rights advocates, was recently honored with the German Africa Prize for her work on conflict resolution and gender justice. Sister Somalia, the country’s first rape crisis center, and Drop the Gun Pick up the Pen, a campaign against the recruitment of child soldiers, are among the numerous peace-promoting projects conducted by Elman Peace, the organization she co-founded with her mother. In these times, seeing her leadership is both motivating and exhilarating.

We haven’t even scratched the surface of what female activists have accomplished. These female activists inspire us, but we know there are so many more that deserve recognition. Let us know which social activists have given you hope in the comments!