Multiple Reasons Why Travel Insurance is the First Thing You Need to Pack

Some travellers are fond of overpacking things on a trip. They often pack way too much and then realize that their luggage bags can no longer zip so they end up taking some stuff out. Considering which items should be left at home is sometimes heart-breaking, especially for those who can’t survive without an extra jacket or a gigantic travel pillow. However, in order to have a smooth and easy travel experience, travellers should never bring those bulky items that they don’t really need throughout the whole trip. And while you say goodbye to those stuff for the meantime, remember that there is one thing that you definitely and absolutely should never fly without ‒ your travel insurance.  


Embarking on overseas travel either for business or leisure is not always about fun, pleasant moments. In fact, when you cross a long way, you also put yourself at danger. Well, let’s pray that you would never have to use your travel insurance but just in case of unforeseen events such as road accident, plane crash, or baggage loss, it’s smart to have something to back you up. Insuring your trip is one of the best ways to make sure that your travelling will never be ruined by sudden expenses and medical bills. So, if you’re weighing the potential benefits of having travel insurance and asking if you really need it in your life, we will give you a short answer in all-caps: YES. And here’s why:


It provides support in medical emergencies. 

Some health or life insurance providers do not cover your medical and hospitalization expenses overseas. Good news, travel insurance can cover such eventualities should you get into accidents that require hospitalization and healthcare. Plus, you have to take note that hospital bills abroad are usually 3-5 times more expensive compared to local ones. So, make sure you keep your travel insurance before booking your next flight.  

It renders dental emergencies. 

If you think any chance of chipping a tooth can rarely happen during travel, you better think about it twice. When you travel, you try several local foods, desserts, and all those that can cause you aching. Or a worse scenario could be getting a chipped tooth after a nasty fall or accident. Imagine how painful this could be if you had to wait for your flight back home in order to get you treated. But if you have travel insurance, you can enjoy your pain-free travel experience as it covers even your dental emergencies abroad.  

It offers delayed flight benefits. 

An overseas vacation is one of the most expensive investments for your happiness. And you would never wish to experience mishaps during travel, especially the encounter of cancelled or delayed flights. But these eventualities have never been easier to handle as they’ve been before. Only because travel insurance provides coverage of your unforeseen expenses due to cancelled or rescheduled flights. You can also opt for reimbursements to cover your additional accommodation and other expenses should your flight be delayed after 6 or more hours. 

It covers you in remote places. 

Some travellers are fond of visiting remote places, thinking that untravelled roads are the best to take. Little do they know that remote areas are often too far from medical facilities, which means suffering from illnesses or injuries in a certain remote area such as mountain may require airlifting to a hospital. And you’d probably never want to hear the cost of an emergency medivac so make sure you’re covered by travel insurance if you’re planning for a mountain trek overseas.  

It replaces your lost items.

Losing your valuables or having them stolen is very common in overseas travel. We all know how frustrating these eventualities can be but thanks to travel insurance because it can help make these situations better. Travel insurance can cover the expenses of lost passport, luggage, and other valuables.    

It covers the whole family. 

The best thing about travel insurance is that it can cover the whole family on a single trip. This means everyone on the trip, especially dependent children who travel with parents do not have to apply for travel insurance as long as they’re covered by their parents’ policies. 

It is a mandatory requirement. 

Some states mandatorily require visitors to have their travel insurance. When tourists experience an emergency overseas, they usually contact the embassy to ask for help. However, some local embassy’s assistance may be limited. Although they can help you cover expenses for a stolen passport, contact family or friends at home, communicate with local police, or connect you with different resources, most embassies neither pay for your medical care nor take care of any financial losses you endure while travelling. Therefore some states would recommend travel insurance rather than depending on the embassy’s constrained assistance.