Latest Wedding Lehenga Choli Trends in 2019

Lehenga cholis for the longest times have been the perfect wedding attire for a bride to be to. There is a lot that can be done to this traditional outfit to provide it an attractive look as per the latest trends. With the coming up of new designers, lehenga choli has seen a lot of design changes. In this article, we are going to have a look at the latest wedding lehenga choli trends to look out for in 2019. So, let us get started.

Using a Belt

Waist belts have always looked great on lehengas and have become quite popular over the years. These highlight the dress and give it an elegance subtle touch. There are numerous ways in which a waist belt can be worn with a lehenga for enhancing its overall appeal. The choices can range from traditional gold belts, leather belts, thin metal, jewelry, and even the fabric ones.

Going for Non-Conventional Colors

Colors like golden, champagne are popular choices when it comes down to the non-conventional choices. Completely golden lehengas have become the favorite choice of modern brides. These lehengas have their own appeal as far as the traditional functions or ceremonies are concerned and provide an elegant and classy look to the bride to be.

Pastel Color Palette

The flavored color palette for lehengas has seen a drastic change in recent times. The classic colors like pink, orange, red, green have now been replaced by the lighter pastel color hues. Some of the shades like baby pink, peach, dull blue have become the popular choice for lehengas. These colors have made a modern bride move away from the regular colors like red and maroon. It enables a modern bride to keep up with the changing fashion trends and stand out on her big day. 

Artistic Design Pattern

Art-inspired lehengas have been the talk of the town in 2019. Lehengas inspired by ethnic art forms, murals and paintings popular all across the world have become quite popular. Some of the designs showcase a beautiful blend of Easter and Western fashion styles. There are a lot of amazing lehengas choices that will help in matching an individual’s fashion sense. These artistic style lehengas allow a bride to stand out on the day of her wedding.

Summing Up

Above mentioned wedding lehenga choli trends are quite popular in 2019. These are some of the trends that are the favorite choices of a modern bride. All those brides who are looking to don an attractive attire on their wedding day must definitely choose any of the highlighted lehenga choli trends in this article. One factor that should be taken into consideration is the price of the lehenga cholis as this would have an impact on the overall budget that would be allocated for the wedding. Sometimes getting a lehenga choli that has a great design that too at a decent price is also possible. This makes it important to explore all the available options at the specific budget.