Writer Recipe Guidelines

How to submit blog posts.

(Note: If you want to skip the guidelines and read it later, go to the lower part of this page to start writing)

It is very simple to publish and write a blog in writersrecipe.com
1. Register on the website. Click here to register.
2. Notification will be sent to your email for verification (check your “SPAM” folder)
3. Active your account from the link which you received from the notification.
4. Complete your profile.
5. Write a blog.
6. Submit (this is an auto-published blog website).
7. Check your blog on the blog section of the website.
8. All blogs will be published on our Facebook page.


Writers Recipe accepts any types of a blog with the following guidelines to consider.

1. Blog MUST NOT be less than 500 words.
2. Blog MUST be helpful and informative to the readers.
3. Blog MUST be grammatically correct and has proper punctuation.
4. Blog MUST be original and MUST be free from plagiarism.
5. Blog MUST NOT contain information that is against the law and any information on illegal drugs, terrorism, porn or sex and hacking.
6. Backlinks are allowed but not more than 3 links. Blog with 1200 words can create up to 6 connections.
7. Like and message us on our Facebook page.
8. You may also contact us on the below section of About Us page contact.
9. No image or picture allowed in any part of your content.
10. Admin has the right to delete all posts that violated the guidelines without proper notice.

We do not accept below content

1. Sales of illegal weapons or ammunition.
2. Sales of prescription medicines or drugs.
3. Sales of tobacco and related products except how to avoid.
4. Sales of any alcoholic beverages and products.
5. Sales or advertises products regarding endangered or threatened species.
6. Blogs that are not fit to all guidelines are subject for permanent deletion of owners account.

This website highly prioritizes all blogs and articles with regards to the Gospel and sharing the word of God. 


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